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Nutrien Yea Weaner Sale 24 May 2024: Our People


  1. Buyers from Trangie, NSW - Scott MacDougall and George Mack

  2. Duncan Brown, volume buyer at Yea

  3. Michael Lombardozzi, Tony Lombardozzi

  4. Bruce and Lynda Heywood, Yarragon

  5. Paul Baynes, Yea

  6. Colin and Cassy

  7. Nutrien Ag selling team

  8. Buyers at Yea sale

  9. Alan Atkins, vendor at Yea sale

  10. Karl and Joy Anderson manning the Save Yea Hospital petition signing table

  11. Peter and Lisa Elward

  12. Dianne Muller and Debra Baynes manning the saleyard canteen

  13. Yea and District Memorial Hospital staff ready to administer free flu shots at the Saleyards. L- R Shona Miljkovic, Sarah Austin, Tabitha Delaney, Hailey Docking

  14. The hard-working Outcross Agri-Services girls enjoying a well deserved burger at the Yea Saleyards Canteen. L-R Alex, Lucy, Skyla & Emily.


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