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Yea Store Cattle Sale 6 May 2022: Our People


  1. Gerald Sheehan Moyhu and Alan Christie Killingworth - Gerry sold 140 Angus steers and 20 PTIC Angus cows

  2. Gary Fitzgerald Andrew Baynes and in the background Ian Marshman

  3. Hannah, Outcross

  4. The well-known transport operator John Beer and his wife Melva

  5. Mary Fran Coonan who attends most Yea sales

  6. Stuart Bryant Nutrien Ag stock agent Mansfield

  7. Barry Purvis local Homewood farmer

  8. Tom Oliver local farmer Yea Saleyards committee member and transport operator

  9. Yea local farmer Malcolm White and transport operator Doug Smith

  10. Yea locals Hugh Homewood and Michael Coonan


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