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Yea Store Cattle Sale 4 March 2022

Yea’s Combined Agents' Sale saw approximately 1,800 head offered. A good selection of cattle was available from heavyweight Angus steers of 681kg to a good run of lighter weight steers and heifers with a number of pens of Speckled Blue Park cattle featuring.

  • 12 Angus steers 681kg - $3,120

  • 23 Angus steers 290kg - $2,130

  • 23 Speckled Blue Park heifers 205kg - $1,600

  • 14 Speckled Blue Park steers 218kg - $1,750

  • 8 Poll Hereford steers 442.5kg - $2,350


  1. Andrew and Sally Murchie, Ghin Ghin and Highlands, sold steers at Yea Sale

  2. Yea locals Greg and Kate Chivers, Graeme Broadbent

  3. Stuart Hipwell, Nathalia, Yea ex-local

  4. Ross Girdwood, Alan Christie, Jeff Bates

  5. Neil Beer with Barry Stephens, Elders Seymour agent

  6. Matt and Chris Pollard, father and son Nutrien Ag Yea stock agents

  7. Local cattle producers Brian Buckland and Tom Oliver

  8. Kelly Brooks (ex Elders Yea) and daughter Grace Oliver

  9. Malcolm White and Neil Beer

  10. Elders Kristin Lennie, John Sutherland, and Jamie Quinlan


  1. Pen 5: 20 Angus steers, 511.5kg $2,800


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