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STOCK REPORT: Nutrien Ag Weaner Sale 26 May 2023

Agent Comments:

Approximately 3,000 head of spring 2022 calves yarded, with steers selling to recent rates. Heifers were back on previous sales.

Steers sold to keen demand, with Gippsland, Western district, South Australia, NSW, North East Victoria all keen to source well-bred steers.

The heavier steers sold to a premium, over the lighter less conditioned calves.

The heifer run met with solid support on the few heavier well-conditioned runs that were purchased as future breeders. With the balance of the heifers being lighter, meeting with reduced demand.

Best Presented Steers: Molesworth Pastoral, 27 Hereford Steers, 308.1kg Av. $1,210

Best Presented Heifers: Polloch Farm, 30 Angus Heifers, 297.9kg, $950


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