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STOCK REPORT: Combined Agents Store Sale 7 July 2023

Yea Saleyards Stock Report 7 July 2023

Agent Comments:

Approximately 3,000 head of spring 2022 calves yarded, with steers selling to recent rates. Heifers were back on previous sales.

Agents yarded approximately 1,400 cattle with a good run of grown cattle and a number of well-bred spring drop calves on offer. Demand for all classes of cattle met with subdued demand with the grown steers and the run of heifers seeming to attract the most interest.

A large crowd was in attendance with the majority there to gauge the market with a small number of volume buyers amongst the attendees. The continued wet and constant media attention on the likelihood of an El Nino seems to be having a negative effect on store markets with buyers uncertain of what lies ahead of them over the next few months.

– Chris Pollard, Nutrien Ag Solutions Yea


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