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Report: Calves top $1560 at Yea store sale

Mark Lincoln, Linc Ag, with his pen of 21 Angus steers which won the best presented award and sold for $1340 on a weight of 356kg (376c/kg).

by Jenny Kelly

24 May 2024

The feature sale of 4000 spring drop calves saw the odd price creep over 400c/kg, with selling agents quoting the sale as much dearer than the centre’s recent sale.

The word ‘surprised’ hasn’t had good connotations for cattle producers much this year, but it was used to describe better than anticipated prices for Angus weaner steers at Yea today.

The feature sale of 4000 spring drop calves sold to a top of $1560 for steers just over 400kg and then demand hung-on to keep the majority over $1000 per head as rates stuck in the 370c to 390c/kg range – occasionally even creeping over 400c/kg liveweight.


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