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Elders Yea 36th Annual Blue Ribbon Weaner Sale 13 January 2023: Our People


  1. Aydan Embling, Andrew Armstrong, Andrew Embling

  2. Anna Hamilton, brother Rob Hamilton, Rob’s son Johnny and Aaron Sundblom

  3. Gus with Gary Tainton and son Jackson

  4. Chelsea with daughter Eden, and Kelly with daughter Grace

  5. Buyers in first laneway of steers

  6. Helen and Gerard Hauser with their pen of Charolais steers

  7. Sue Spagnolo and Frank Coombs

  8. Transport operator John Beer

  9. First pen of sale being sold — Box Hill pen of steers

  10. Jamie Quinlan, Yea Elders agent

  11. Daniel Hauser with wife Luz and children Ethan, Benjamin and Gabriella

  12. Mary Fran Coonan

  13. JB, Ainslie, Alex and John Purvis, Elders Yea

  14. Alby Beckett

  15. Big crowd and wonderful line of Angus weaner steers

  16. Hauser family, Daniel, Peter, Val Hauser, owners of top priced Charolais steers

  17. Sale of best presented Charolais cattle owned by Peter and Val Hauser

  18. Jenny Purvis, Rob Gill, Helen

  19. Paul Webster with sister-in-law Natalie and brother Chris

  20. Aaron Sundblom, David Webb-Ware, Nicholas Fisher

  21. Val Hauser with son Daniel Hauser

  22. Scott Christie, Daniel Hauser with father Peter Hauser

  23. Val Hauser, Neil and Jan Beer, Peter Hauser

  24. Neil Beer with Elders agent Ryan Sargeant

  25. Geoff Kyvall, Molesworth

  26. Gordon Buckland, livestock carrier, Rick Wills, Nutrien Ag agent and David Anderson, farmer

  27. Line-up of Angus steers and buyers


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