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Nutrien Ag Solutions Yea Upper Goulburn Rivers Annual Classic Weaner Sale 6 January 2023: Our People


  1. Graeme Broadbent with daughter Lisa Elward, Yea Saleyards Manager

  2. Geoff Oliver, owner of top-priced Angus steer

  3. Sam Nelson (Shepparton) and Owen Kindellan (Leongatha)

  4. Jack Woolmer, ‘Alva’ Thornton

  5. Helen Hogan (Leitchville) and Alan Robinson (Alexandra)

  6. Yea locals, Karl Anderson, Greg Chivers and Rob Gill

  7. Trainee Elders agent Will, Yea Elders agent Jamie Quinlan, Ron Gough and Alan Christie

  8. Ross Draper, Tom Oliver with daughter Grace

  9. Lyn Mullens and Gina Ryan

  10. Waiting for the first pen to be auctioned

  11. Joy Morgan, Ross Girdwood and Alan Christie

  12. Keith (Wizz) Diprose

  13. Sue Spagnolo, Doug Smith, David Williams, Michael Spagnolo

  14. Lloyd Bett, Jo-Anne Jackson

  15. Ian and Judi Marshman

  16. Andrew Fern and Mathew Noonan

  17. Brendan, Harry and Jo Dignam


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