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Elders Yea 36th Annual Blue Ribbon Weaner Sale

Friday 13 January 10.30am

at the Yea Saleyards

Sale Catalogue and Live Bidding/Streaming

At 8:00 am on the day of the sale, the sale catalogue including pen numbers, photos/video and weights will be available on Outcross Auctions. Sale prices will be loaded shortly after each pen is auctioned.

Live bidding and streaming will be available via AuctionsPlus. Pen lot detail including vendor information, specific breeding, and agent pen lot assessments will be available from Friday 8:00 am.

Flood Relief/Support Services

The following organisations will have officers available from 10am with the latest information regarding grants availability, financial and wellbeing support:

For full particulars and vendor videos, visit The Herd Online.

Elders Yea

Jamie Quinlan 0419 894 232

Bruce Elliot 0409 699 937

Ryan Sargeant 0407 649 906


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